I’ll never get tired, Pagudpud

We have a week long vacation before clerkship (4th year) starts. So before the grueling days take over, I’m gonna bottle up doses of sea, sand and sun. 

Pagudpud is such a no brainer choice for Ilocanos and local tourists when you want a quick getaway and dip your toes to water. Do I even need to explain the beaches, scenic off-road trails and unscathed cliffs and rivers? 

Gaining a lot of nods and social media validation is a secluded paradise north of the popular Saud Beach, CAPARISPISAN. Few mentioned it as the “Little Batanes” of the province but I think it deserves much more than that. It is Capirispisan and it is awesomely beautiful. Hands down.

***It’s kinda tricky to get to the hill (the view deck), there’s no sign of the trail. You need to bend down to the road railings and enter the woods. 

I hope 🀞 that it’ll not be flocked by unwittingly obnoxious tourists who only cares about their social media statuses.

*breathtaking 😌

*I’m forced to do this πŸ˜‚

*magsaya ka na ate gurrl, walang ganyan sa clerkship.

If you want a little picnic there’s this beach a little north from the hill. It’s so pure like a set-up from a movie wherein the protogonists are hiding or something. Meh. 

Then of course Pagudpud is not the same if you don’t visit their good ‘ol  Saud Beach. 

*a little windy up north when we visited, I got wiped out by the waves atleast two timesbefore I resigned to the comforts of the shore. 



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