Where it all Vigan.

The three-year academic medschool proper ended this week. I had mix emotions on leaving vigan where the first step in getting my dream to become doctor started. It was a love-hate relationship greater than any YA novels. It was bittersweet and a sprinkle of sunshine every after storm (exams, reports and whatnot). 

It was a roller coaster. Hard was even an understatement to describe what had transcribed for the last three years. It tested not only your mental capability but more on how will get by each devastations and the lack of time to self pity because tomorrow is another batch of exams to huddle, so you need to schedule your drama.

Luckily all the angels and saints heared my prayers and the three years wrapped up alright. But you see it was not a walk in the park (like every fb memes tells you about) to go through all that, that’s why I feel so blessed that somehow I’ve been with the right people to go all throughout that medschool brouhaha. 

*this was posted in my instagram story, but just like any other story it ends. haha

We know we’re awesome right? 

I got to travel with them with my first ever ride on an airplane and my first fall from that kawasan-wtf-kill-me- falls. (I wish to forget but having them as friends was futile). 

..and you see I found someone who can tolerate me as much as Allen can tolerate my attitude. We met each other during our interview and for the first minute of our conversation we know we’ll be stuck to each other. Who says soulmates only pertains to lovers. 

And met some pretty girls along the way. They fed my parasitism on handouts and schedules and countless rants haha. You know the friendship was meant to be when your period synced.

…to survive medschool you don’t have to be the brightest but be resilient and strong to fight every battle. Be brave and bold it’ll get you somewhere someday. 



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