I’ll never get tired, Pagudpud

We have a week long vacation before clerkship (4th year) starts. So before the grueling days take over, I’m gonna bottle up doses of sea, sand and sun. 

Pagudpud is such a no brainer choice for Ilocanos and local tourists when you want a quick getaway and dip your toes to water. Do I even need to explain the beaches, scenic off-road trails and unscathed cliffs and rivers? 

Gaining a lot of nods and social media validation is a secluded paradise north of the popular Saud Beach, CAPARISPISAN. Few mentioned it as the “Little Batanes” of the province but I think it deserves much more than that. It is Capirispisan and it is awesomely beautiful. Hands down.

***It’s kinda tricky to get to the hill (the view deck), there’s no sign of the trail. You need to bend down to the road railings and enter the woods. 

I hope 🤞 that it’ll not be flocked by unwittingly obnoxious tourists who only cares about their social media statuses.

*breathtaking 😌

*I’m forced to do this 😂

*magsaya ka na ate gurrl, walang ganyan sa clerkship.

If you want a little picnic there’s this beach a little north from the hill. It’s so pure like a set-up from a movie wherein the protogonists are hiding or something. Meh. 

Then of course Pagudpud is not the same if you don’t visit their good ‘ol  Saud Beach. 

*a little windy up north when we visited, I got wiped out by the waves atleast two timesbefore I resigned to the comforts of the shore. 



Where it all Vigan.

The three-year academic medschool proper ended this week. I had mix emotions on leaving vigan where the first step in getting my dream to become doctor started. It was a love-hate relationship greater than any YA novels. It was bittersweet and a sprinkle of sunshine every after storm (exams, reports and whatnot). 

It was a roller coaster. Hard was even an understatement to describe what had transcribed for the last three years. It tested not only your mental capability but more on how will get by each devastations and the lack of time to self pity because tomorrow is another batch of exams to huddle, so you need to schedule your drama.

Luckily all the angels and saints heared my prayers and the three years wrapped up alright. But you see it was not a walk in the park (like every fb memes tells you about) to go through all that, that’s why I feel so blessed that somehow I’ve been with the right people to go all throughout that medschool brouhaha. 

*this was posted in my instagram story, but just like any other story it ends. haha

We know we’re awesome right? 

I got to travel with them with my first ever ride on an airplane and my first fall from that kawasan-wtf-kill-me- falls. (I wish to forget but having them as friends was futile). 

..and you see I found someone who can tolerate me as much as Allen can tolerate my attitude. We met each other during our interview and for the first minute of our conversation we know we’ll be stuck to each other. Who says soulmates only pertains to lovers. 

And met some pretty girls along the way. They fed my parasitism on handouts and schedules and countless rants haha. You know the friendship was meant to be when your period synced.

…to survive medschool you don’t have to be the brightest but be resilient and strong to fight every battle. Be brave and bold it’ll get you somewhere someday. 


Feels like an era

Yesterday we had our last block exam. Done. Seems impossible feat since our first module but we made it. Its been tough and tiring.

 As the lyrics of the Coldplay’s “The Scientist” put it: 🎶 Nobody said it was easy 🎵🎶 . 
….that’s a wrap for the blocks now time to prepare for the revalida 💪🏼 #hustle

TriNorth Roadtrip

In my 24 years of existence I still have to set my foot to the vast land of Cagayan Valley (region 2). Hanggang papasok sa Adams lang ako nakarating. And so one of my goals in life is to be on a road trip at the northeastern portion of the country. Such a shame that I’m a through and through northerner without seeing the different quintessential spots of the said land. 

And so the 3-day roadtrip kicked-off  in my beloved province, Ilocos Norte and commenced in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao. 

*photo grabbed from http://www.google.com

The 3-day trip was overcasted by a gloomy sky brought about by Typhoon Nina in the PAR. So the following photos may seem like a little ripped-off from a zombie movie or post-apocalyptic tv series. Photos are taken by a cellphone camera so forgive me for the quality and editing skills. 😬

Majority of the time nasa loob lang kami ng sasakyan. At mahirap mag-capture kapag gumagalaw ang sasakyan. Deh, tamad lang talaga ako 🤣


Fishing cages and lake houses. Meh. 

Sail away my love. Aye! Aye!

Magat Dam Hydropower

Isabela-Ifugao Boundary


So there, see I went outdoors 😂